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        TPP100 系列交換式開關電源供應器



        TPP 100系列100瓦特的AC / DC電源特增強雙I / O系統根據(60601 - 3第3版,2 x MOPP)。的效率92%的允許的2.0 “ x 3.0 “包裝格式。滿載工作溫度范圍為-25°C + 50°C時上升到70°C負載降額的5。他們有個有源功率因數校正和EMC的特點是在工業和領域的應用程序。

        TPP100 系列交換式開關電源供應器


        The TPP 100 Series of 100 Watt AC/DC power supplies feature a reinforced double I/O isolation system according to latest medical safety standards (60601-3 3rd edition, 2 x MOPP). The excellent efficiency of up to 92% allows a high power density for the standard 2.0” x 3.0” packaging format. The full load operating temperature range is –25°C to +50°C while it goes up to 70°C with 5 load derating. They come with an active power factor correction and the EMC characteristic is dedicated for applications in industrial and domestic fields. High reliability is provided by use of industrial quality grade components and an excellent thermal management. It makes the products an ideal solution for medical devices and for demanding safety and space critical applications.

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        Supporting Documents

        • tpp100-datasheet.pdf
        • safety certificates.zip
        • tpp100-doc.pdf



        • 2" x 3" metal encased
        • 2 x MOPP Medical safety according to AAMI/ANSI ES 60601-1:2005(R) and IEC/EN 60601-1 3rd edition
        • IT and industrial safety according to IEC/EN/UL 60950-1
        • Ready to meet ErP directive <0.3W no load power consumption
        • Altitude during operation 5000m
        • Operating temperature range -25 to +80°C





        Order codeOutput PowerOutputProduct Distinction
        TPP 100-112100 Watt12 VDC / 8.34 A 
        TPP 100-115100 Watt15 VDC / 6.67 A 
        TPP 100-124100 Watt24 VDC / 4170 mA 
        TPP 100-136100 Watt36 VDC / 2780 mA 
        TPP 100-148100 Watt48 VDC / 2090 mA


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