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        產品中心您現在的位置:首頁 > 產品展示 > ARCH電源供應器 > AC/DC工控及電力電源 > ARCH 500W AC-DC開關電源 MQF500O系列 開放式電源供應器 交流電源

        ARCH 500W AC-DC開關電源 MQF500O系列 開放式電源供應器 交流電源



        ARCH 500W 電源
          內置12V /0.3A輔助輸出
          待機5V @1A,配有風扇,@0.4A無風扇

        MQF500O Series     ( IT and Medical Power -----Open Frame ) ARCH 500W AC-DC開關電源 MQF500O系列 開放式電源供應器 交流電源
          Green Power ( Low Stand-by ) 
         500 Watts         Feature 
        MQF500O Series

          Compact Size in 5.03 x 3.0 x 1.38 inches
          Package: Open Frame
          Operating Temperature: -30~70 degrees
          Remote ON/OFF Function
          240 Watt with Free Air Convection
          500 Watt with 30CFM FAN
          Built-in 12V/0.3A Auxiliary Output
          Standby 5V@1A with Fan, @0.4A without Fan
          High Efficiency up to 93%
          With P.F.C. Function >0.95
          Safety Approval by CE and UL (Pending)
                 Down Load MQF500O Series SPC. 
        Down Load MQF500O Series 3D File
         1.All specifications valid at nominal input voltage,full load and +25°C after warm-up time unless otherwise stated.
        2.Measured with 0.1U 50V // 47U 50V Ceramic Cap. Cross to output
             Input Specification 
             Characteristics    Conditions 
             Voltage Range    AC IN  90 ~ 264 VAC
             DC IN  127 ~ 370 VDC
             Frequency    47 ~ 63 Hz 
            Output Specification 
             Characteristics    Conditions 
             Output Power    500 Watt  (max.) 
             Voltage Accuracy
            (Full Load and Nominal Vin)
            Single:  ±2% 
             Minimum Load     (at Full Load)    3% 
             Line Regulation    
            (1 to at Full Load)
            Single:  ±0.5%(typ.) 
             Load Regulation     
            (1 to at Full Load) 
            Single:  ±1%(typ.) 
             Ripple    (20MHz bandwidth)    12S:160mV (Vp-p)
            24S:240mV (Vp-p)
             48S:480mV (Vp-p) 
             Noise    (20MHz bandwidth)    12S:160mV (Vp-p)
            24S:240mV (Vp-p)
             48S:480mV (Vp-p) 
             Temperature Coefficient    ±0.03% / °C ( 0 °C~50 °C )
            ±0.06% / °C ( -30 °C~0 °C )  (max.)
             Short Circuit Protection    Auto recovery 
            General Specification 
             Characteristics    Conditions 
             Switching Frequency      (typ.) 
             Isolation Voltage  (Input to Output)    4000VAC or 5656VDC  (min.) 
             Operating Temperature    -30 °C to +70°C  (with derating) 
             Storage Temperature    -35 °C to +85°C 
             Humidity    95% RH  (max.) 
             Cooling    Free convection / 30 CFM FAN 
            Physical Specification 
             Characteristics    Conditions 
             Dimension    (Tolerance ±0.5)    127.8 x 76.2 x 35.0 mm 
             5.03 x 3.0 x 1.38 inches 
             Weight    480 g 
             Case Material    Open Frame 
        Model No.
        (Ordering Part No.)
        Input RangeOutput VoltageOutput CurrentEff
        ( V.AC )( V.DC )( mA )( % )
        Single Output Models
         MQF500O-12S90 ~ 264 VAC 12   30CFM:41,500
         (at 115 VAC):19,160
         (at 230 VAC):20,000
         MQF500O-24S90 ~ 264 VAC 24   30CFM:20,800
         (at 115 VAC):9,580
         (at 230 VAC):10,000
         MQF500O-48S90 ~ 264 VAC 48   30CFM:10,410
         (at 115 VAC):4,800
         (at 230 VAC):5,000


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